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Our story

A working family, who works from 7 am to 5 pm daily, coming home tired, finding ourselves cooking a meal and cleaning the house. Then comes the weekend, where we need to do hand laundry on a Saturday and ironing clothes on a Sunday.

Why can’t we be other people who enjoys the weekend on a picnic, or going to the mall or just simply sitting on the couch enjoying a glass of Coke in front of a television.

Now we want to take away from you the burden of hand-washing, waiting for the clothes to dry, and ironing clothes.

In just 2 hours, you will be able to enjoy your fresh, clean, dry clothing, bedsheets , towels and curtains from our high quality washing machine and dryer.

Hope to be at your service soon.

Laundry Shop Cebu
Founding family (from left to right): Marcel, Ruby, Robert, Angelina, Remidios and Migue



Ruby: Daily operations / management
Marcel: Bookkeeping and finances
Migue: Management, marketing and sales


Co-founder Romano Groenewoud:

When living in Cebu City as a digital nomad / expat, I had some negative experiences with local laundry shops.
Some lost clothing items, others shrank.

No more orphan socks. Nobody wants orphaned clothing items.

Clothing can be expensive in Philippines.
Fast fashion brands can even cost a lot.
What a waste it is, when these items shrink or even worse get damaged or lost.
In case of damage or loss, it is quite an headache to get a full refund.

Another painpoint I noticed is that it can take quite a long time in general
in Philippines for the laundry to be done. Most often at least 3 days,
sometimes even longer, especially in times of public holidays.
Even when you want to pay more, it is not possible at most laundry stores
to have it a bit quicker.

When you want to see something in the market that isn’t yet there, create it yourself.
For my next trips to the Philippines, needless to say I will only trust my laundry
to Laundry Lounge Cebu.

Making quality, reliable, punctual laundry service affordable.

What’s more, a laundry shop could and should be more than just a place where you drop off a basket
and pick-up nicely wrapped package. Spending quality time while waiting for your laundry service
to be completed: “pumatay ng dalawang ibon gamit ang isang bato“.

Romano kind of sticks out like a sore thumb in this picture… Needless to say he wants his precious Sinulog t-shirt to be preserved in good order.


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