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홈페이지 / 픽업 일정

픽업 일정

Malabuyoc  :

Monday- Sunday 7-8 am  Delivery  8-9 pm 9 (same-day)

Alegria :

Monday- Friday  8-9 am   Delivery – 8-9 am (Next day)

Ginatilan / Badian :

Please call  ahead of time for a schedule

Moalboal :

*For Pick up and Delivery within Moalboal Area , please call :

*Additional Charges for Pick-up and delivery within Moalboal Area : Standard Price : 25 php





  1. Laundry Station Cebu will NOT release laundry without the Job Order Slip.
  2. Articles not claimed within 30 days will be charged double the cost of service.
  3. Articles not claimed within 60 days will be disposed to cover the cost of services rendered.
  4. Laundry Station Cebu will not be liable for lost items once the client receives the laundry.
  5. Laundry Station Cebu will not be liable for any damages incurred to the natural effects of the washer and dryer to the garments. To avoid such incidents, clients should declare the fragility of the items/special instructions during drop off.
  6. Laundry Station Cebu shall not be liable for any damages in case of fire, flood and other unforeseen events of loss through force majeure.
  7. Landry Station Cebu will not be liable for any damages incurred during the normal washing process such as, but not limited to: loss of buttons, anything left in the pockets, shrinkage and fading.
  8. Liability of loss is limited to an amount not exceeding three (3) times the laundry charge.
  9. Laundry Station Cebu reserves the right of confirm accuracy of the articles for laundry and informs the customer of any discrepancy within 24 hours.
  10. Complaints will not be entertained after 24 hours from date of delivery.
  11. We allow each customer 10 minutes waiting time to meet with our driver. In the case of a no show, where the customer fails to show up to send their laundry for pick up or receive their laundry after confirming for delivery, Laundry Station Cebu reserves the right to cancel the appointment and charge the client with P200.00.